You’re Entitled to Get Your VA Benefits

Don’t let a lender tell you that you don’t qualify to get the benefits you deserve. A low credit score doesn’t automatically stop you from getting a VA loan. According to the official VA guide (found here), there is technically no minimum score for a VA loan. A lender must look at your loan individually and decide how to proceed.

Large lenders will place their own minimum credit score guideline on borrowers that they will take. This means they are only looking for over-qualified borrowers to make their jobs easier. Here at Core Home Loans, we believe that the VA’s guidelines should be followed directly. This is why we do not have a minimum score that we work with. We believe that our veterans deserve their due respect, care, and attention.

Credit Issues

Many lenders will not work with people who have had recent credit issues. We work with people who have all types of credit issues to help them get approved for their VA loan. You can see a timeline of credit issues here. The timeline shows when you are eligible for a loan by the books.

Loan Limits

Each county has a different VA loan limit, which can be found here. However, we do offer VA Jumbo Loans if you are to exceed this limit! You can find out more about it here!

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